Newsletter Sept-Nov 2014

Newsletter – September-November 2014

2 Year Progress Summary

From approximately around the age of 2year and 5months each parent will be given a 2 year progress report.

This report includes vital information about how your child is progressing developmentally and if we have any key areas we wish to discuss with you. As parents you can also add any points or views that you wish to include which will help towards your child’s learning.

We will also be making a copy for you to hand to your child’s Health Visitor at their 2 year check as the report should help to coincide with their review.

Birth Certificates

For all children who receive Think 2 Funding and Government 3-4 Funding, please can you bring in your child’s Birth Certificates for us to copy and keep on record.

The Birth Certificate is very important as we must have proof of each individual child and age etc this information is then used by the Staffordshire Council Auditors and if we haven’t got the information to hand then the child is not eligible to claim the funding. Thanks

Jeans 4 Genes

On Friday 19th September please could all children wear their Jeans for the day and donate a minimum of £1 to help raise money for the Jeans 4 Genes charity. Thank you for your help.

Staff Changes

Hayley Lovatt has returned from Maternity leave and has resumed her role as Cubs Room Supervisor working alongside Kelly Finney who has resumed the role as Kittens Room Supervisor.

Since Louise Plant is now on Maternity leave, Jenny Price has taken on the full role of Tigers Room Supervisor and Julie Adams will be now working alongside Jenny as the new Tigers Room Assistant.

Angela Morton is still Lions Room Supervisor/EYP.

Charlotte Ashby will be working as Nursery Assistant to cover within the Lions and Cubs.

If you have any queries about the above then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Staff News

I would like to inform you that myself and partner Nigel are expecting our second child, due 6th March 2015.

I am hoping to work up until the beginning of February 2015, but will inform you of my leave date near the time.

Kelly Finney will be Acting Manager with the support of Shazia Dhad.

Kelly has been deputy for nearly a year and has done a great job, so I have every confidence that the nursery is in good hands and will be ran as professionally and efficiently as ever and I’m sure you will all give her the time and support that is needed.

Kelly will slowly be taking the reins but if you have any concerns etc please don’t hesitate to speak to us.

We have an excellent team at present and I’m sure they will give Kelly the support and commitment to ensure continuity within the transition.

Thank you, Lucy x

Dates for the Diary:

Richard Greenwood- Nursery Photos-16th October 2014 – 8.30am

Half Term- 27th – 31st October 2014

“My Very Own Video”-13th November.

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